There are many factors why many people are choosing cremation:

  • economy
  • environmental philosophy
  • simplicity or convenience
  • personal or spiritual philosophy
  • greater acceptance now among many religions
  • people are more likely to live away from their family roots

How are cremation services different from regular burial services? They're not. Services with cremation are the same as with earth burial, unless you prefer something different. It's your choice to make - your funeral, if you will.

Whatever you choose - casket and burial or cremation - family and friends need time to grieve and to say good-bye. This is the reason for funeral services - to support the living through the pain and loneliness of loss to acceptance and resolution.

Cremation and burial offer the same services, including music, prayers, and recitations of your choice. You can having viewing and visitation arrangements, with an open or closed casket (or no casket at all) for as long or as short a period as you wish.

Reception for Family and Friends

  •  at the funeral home  
  •  at your church 
  •  in your home  
  •  at another location that is special to the family or to the deceased

our funeral director can assist you
with these arrangements

Memorial or Prayer Service

  •  a service of remembrance (like a funeral)  
  •  with or without the urn or casket present
  •  whenever you choose  
  •  with whomever you choose