Pre-Planning a Funeral or Memorial

No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. In many families, discussing one's mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic.
This section contains everything you need to know about pre-planning a funeral; your Dorsey Funeral Home director can help you make the actual arrangements.


Why Pre-Arrange a Funeral?

  • A pre-arranged funeral is a gift of selfless love for your family and friends.
  • To have your wishes recorded so other family members will be aware of your preferences.
  • To relieve your family members of the numerous decisions disagreements and potential involved in making funeral arrangements.
  • To relieve your family members of the financial responsibility by prepaying expenses at today's lower costs.
  • To give you time to think about certain aspects of the service without having to make immediate decisions at an emotional and stressful time.
  • To gain knowledge about funeral practices, customs, and procedures in advance.
  • Allows you to work with your funeral director to explore financing alternatives.
  • Your family will not have to face the burden of making funeral plans and major financial payment decisions at an emotionally difficult time.

Dorsey Funeral Directors can help you

Many people do not realize how much a funeral director can help them in this difficult time. A caring and knowledgeable director from family owned funeral home could be a great comfort in a family's time of need. The funeral director can also assist you in pre-planning your funeral.

Funeral directors traditionally do the following:

  • Transporting of the deceased's body and preparing it for disposition.
  • Filing for the death certificate and assuring the paperwork is properly completed.
  • Arranging the funeral service. Working with the clergy, the cemetery and the burial vault and marker companies to coordinate the interment process.
  • Assisting with the selection of the vault, the casket, the urn, and grave marker.
  • Assisting family with funeral decisions i.e. video memorial tribute, pallbearers, flowers, and ceremonies.
  • Assisting with obituaries and government claim forms
  • Assisting with notification of the deceased person's employer, attorney, insurance company, and banks
  • Assisting the bereaved in locating bereavement support

How to Pre-Plan a Funeral

  •  Drawing up a will  
  •  Plan the Actual Funeral  
  •  Decide on the Type of Ceremony  
  •  Tally the Total Cost


Preneed Funeral Planning Checklist

Our preneed checklist shows you how many decisions must be made by a family member at the time of your death. This does not include choosing a casket or urn and outer burial container, notifying relatives, preparing a family history for the obituary, arranging for floral displays, etc.

BURIAL vs. CREMATION - A Complete Guide to the Options

Why are more and more people choosing cremation? There are many factors, including:

  •  personal or spiritual philosophy
  •  environmental philosophy
  •  simplicity or convenience
  •  economy
  •  greater acceptance now among many religions
  •  people are more likely to live away from their family roots (jobs, retirement, living, etc.)